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I’m a winter

Winter swimming is not for softies! Of course, anyone can try it, though it does require a little more than your average hobby. It requires courage! Courage to step out of one’s comfort zone and tolerate rigorous cold. That’s why winter swimming is not for everyone. But if you are a winter swimmer, you can be proud of yourself and feel special, because the truth of the matter is, you ARE special! And there’s no better way to reward yourself than to wear a robe that declares near and far – this one here is a winter swimmer!

Sense of belonging

We humans are social creatures. We yearn to belong, and be accepted. When we are proud of ourselves, we usually wish to share it with others too. Of course, you can walk to an ice hole in a regular dull jacket, but it’s nothing compared to the feeling you get when you do it in a very special outfit. Trust me, you will be noticed from afar. Your chest underneath the robe swells with pride as you nod your head to greet them. You are connected by the same way of thinking. You are part of the same community. “He’s one of us!” they think to themselves, as they watch you approach the icy waterfront.

Hobbies: ice-bathing, sewing, theatre, hiking, movies.

My closest ones know that I’m an emotional person. I delve into new projects with enormous energy, often forgetting to give myself a break. I have put my heart and soul into developing and designing the Paul Berg’s changing robe. Due to my years of experience in working in the clothing industry I just had to put all I had into this project as well. Today I feel excited and grateful to have been given the chance to be a part of creating such an awesome changing robe.

Hobbies: ice-bathing, hockey, hiking, photography.

To enjoy life, one should always stay curious, try new things in life, and never stop dreaming. These are the three mottos I try to live by. One of the challenges I recently accepted was launching Paul Berg’s changing robes. I honestly didn’t see it coming but there it was. We came up with the idea and after a short while the production process of these cool robes had already kicked off. It was my unshaken idea to develop the best robe possible. To come up with something I could be proud of. And we succeeded! At the same time, I had to remind myself another motto I believe in – to just enjoy the process.