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Gina Johansen And Her Big Adventures

Gina Johansen (31) must be one of the few people in the world whose professional title could be an adventurer. She is indeed an adventurer who doesn’t shy away from even the most unimaginable ideas. In 2018, for instance, she took up a 1000-kilometre-long solo ski trip without a history of skiing. A year later […]

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We Have To Talk About Sustainability: 6 Hard Facts About Fashion Industry.

14 items of clothing is produced for every human being yearly in the world. What about Paul Berg? Paul Berg produces quality outdoor clothing that last long and we urge people not to consume over their need. Also we keep our stock in a minimum level. * * * 93% of major clothing brands are […]

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How “Grow with Google” helped Paul Berg to grow.

Grow with Google learning platform in Estonia (Digioskused.ee) enabled Paul Berg to participate in their podcast and also took an interview with us. We talked about our journey and how Google’s courses have helped us to be more visible and sell more outdoor robes. Article in the biggest Estonian daily newspaper Postimees (in Estonian): https://www.postimees.ee/7601001/eestis-sundinud-paul-berg-tegi-talisuplejatele-sooja-kingi […]

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Great comparison of Paul Berg outdoor robes

Many people have asked us: “What’s the difference between Paul Nordic and Paul Light or what is Paul Summer? Ok, you have long descriptions on your homepage but who has time to read them through. Can you just explain it in two words? 🙄” So, we tried to make it easier for you and put […]

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5 Things You Should Know About Winter Swimming

1. IS IT GOOD FOR MY HEALTH? Winter swimming is suitable and useful for everyone in all ages. It reduces stress and depression, and also helps fight against autoimmune diseases. People who go for cold water procedures suffer less from lighter diseases. They are more energetic, cheerful and sleep well.    The most important thing […]

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Paul Berg – a changing robe created by Estonians that has made its way to the hearts of sports enthusiasts in no time

Despite the fact that the past year has severely limited our recreational outlooks, people have still found new ways to keep their bodies and minds in shape. One of which is winter swimming. During the last winter season, the number of new winter swimmers increased drastically. Hit by inspiration, three Estonians decided to create Paul […]

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Paul Berg attended an experiment

Paul attended a clothes changing experiment with -13C outside, when even interviewer’s hands were shaking due to cold. Check out the link to see how Paul was doing: https://reisijuht.delfi.ee/artikkel/95656269/. (video is in Estonian!)

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